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CaliforniaInformer.com is the world’s leading independent resource for guests visiting the entertainment capital of Los Angeles: Universal Studios Hollywood.

The CI Universal Center, our one-stop shop ENCYCLOPEDIA of Universal Hollywood vacation planning information, includes nearly a hundred pages covering Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Citywalk, and surrounding area attractions. Plus, we offer readers six extraordinary advantages over more traditional guidebooks and websites:

  • Near-constant coverage of new and insider developments throughout the resort
  • Extensive, in-depth analysis of all rumors, construction projects and resort developments
  • Top-notch multimedia, with thousands of HD photos and video content
  • First-hand coverage of annual events (including Halloween Horror Nights & Grinchmas) with annually updated trip advice
  • Real-time, real-guest reviews of the resort’s theme park attractions and restaurants
  • Constant in-park photo updates broadcast live from Universal City

We are proud to launch California Informer as the sister site to Orlando Informer, where in 2015 THREE MILLION FAMILIES planned their perfect vacations and became resort experts. We couldn’t be more excited to expand our offerings and become the premier independent resource for guests visiting Universal Studios Hollywood.

In addition to our online guides for Universal Hollywood, we also produce the CI Blog. This area of the site offers even more in-depth, extensive coverage of Universal Hollywood and surrounding area attractions, including Disneyland and local Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles tourism spots. We plan to offer a team of talented experts offering the best curated content, whether it be the inside scoop on breaking theme park developments or new ways to save money on your vacation. The ultimate goal is to offer our readers accurate, entertaining, and practical content in a dynamic, interactive online environment.

California Informer strives to offer the best vacationing planning resources for Universal Studios Hollywood in the world via exclusive, top-notch content that sets us apart from other websites and guides. Our team invites you to join the over 300,000 unique monthly visitors who utilize our resources at Orlando Informer, California Informer, and more. We also encourage you to join the conversation at our social media channels:

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OrlandoInformer.com and its sister sites, including California Informer, are owned and operated by Taylor Strickland. Contact us here.

More about Taylor Strickland

Taylor is the Owner & Editor of OrlandoInformer.com, acquiring the website in January of 2015. He is also the founder of Orlando Informer, LLC. His takeover comes after serving in a series of various roles for Orlando Informer in the past, including forum moderator, contributing writer, and ultimately community manager.

Taylor is a Florida native that has been visiting Orlando’s attractions since 2002. He has had the opportunity to attend some of the greatest moments in the past ten years of Universal Orlando’s history, ranging from attending the filming of official promotional material in 2006 to the first day of public testing for most of the recent groundbreaking attractions. Throughout Taylor’s years of experience, he has amassed a deep understanding of vacation planning and developed a passion for helping others have the best vacation possible.