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Marc N. Kleinhenz’s first dream in life was to be an astronaut. His second was an Imagineer. While neither completely worked out, he now is the editor and podcast co-host for Orlando Informer. He’s also written for 32 other sites (including Screen Rant, IGN, and The Escapist), has had his fiction featured in several publications, and has even taught English in Japan. Imagineering school won’t be too far behind.

The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash REVEALED

After first confirming that a project was in the works back in June 2016, Universal has gone ahead today and made it official: The Secret Life of Pets, that already-mammoth film franchise that only started in 2016, is getting the dark-ride treatment at Universal Studios Hollywood next year. Here’s what (little) we know thus far: called The […]

Harry Potter: Dark Arts projection show REVEALED

Yes, Universal Orlando Resort may be getting Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, the highly-themed roller coaster, this year, but Universal isn’t letting the East Coast keep the wizarding spotlight all to itself. 2019 will also see the debut of another brand-new Harry Potter experience, this time at Universal Studios Hollywood: the Dark Arts at Hogwarts […]

Universal’s new Halloween event for kids REVEALED

While extending Halloween Horror Nights‘s run by one night – as recently happened, with the addition of Sunday, November 4 – is one way to expand the Halloween celebrations at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal has just come up with a completely different method for also furthering the festivities: throwing in a daytime component for children for […]

Universal Monsters announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2018

When you already have such heavy-hitters as Stranger Things, Trick ‘r Treat, and Poltergeist coming to Halloween Horror Nights, how do you top yourself? The answer, it turns out, is easy – invite all of the classic properties that helped to make horror cinema what it is today. Universal has announced today that its lineup […]

The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2018

The sixth maze for Halloween Horror Nights 2018 is simultaneously familiar and brand-new, taking a concept originally trotted out at last year’s event and updating its contents to make for a (hopefully) fresh experience for this year. The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two is yet another greatest-hits mash-up from the expansive and now-legendary library of […]

The First Purge announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Are you ready for another successful cleanse? The Purge is returning to Halloween Horror Nights (yes, again!), landing as a maze for the second year in a row. The form the successful property is taking this time is The First Purge, the fourth film in the overarching franchise and, chronologically speaking, its very first chapter […]

Hollywood’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter has new (and the best!) spells

Despite being largely consistent with one another, the three Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter located across the globe do feature a few exclusive experiences, such as Universal Orlando Resort’s extra roller coaster or Universal Studios Japan’s bevy of events and shows. Universal Studios Hollywood, for its part, brandishes the still-new Hogsmeade Station store and a […]

Jurassic World is arriving at Universal Studios Hollywood

When it came time to develop a theme-park counterpart to Universal Pictures’s yet-to-be-released-but-already-clearly-successful Jurassic Park, designer Gary Goddard – who had played a role in many a major Universal attraction – decided to eschew the obvious path and brave the road less travelled: rather than doing a recreation of the movie’s famed car tour through […]

Universal is throwing its biggest Christmas celebration ever

Nearly four months ago, Universal made an exciting – if not entirely surprising – announcement: it was going to import the Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter celebration that had been just announced for Universal Orlando Resort for this upcoming holiday season. Since then, the company has been mum on the exact details […]

Disney’s first-ever Halloween Marvel experience announced

It wouldn’t be Halloween at Disneyland Resort without some sort of seasonal overlay; The Haunted Mansion has been undergoing its annual transformation into a semi-sequel to Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas since 2001 (and, well before that, Christmas makeovers were popular at Disneyland Park, starting with Country Bear Christmas Special in 1984). To continue the […]