The Horrors of Blumhouse announced for Halloween Horror Nights

The Horrors of Blumhouse announced for Halloween Horror Nights

The Horrors of Blumhouse announced for Halloween Horror Nights


Universal Hollywood and Orlando have done a joint announcement to confirm The Horrors of Blumhouse will be coming to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

The maze will be located in the Parisian Courtyard, adjacent to Mel’s Diner and the Walking Dead attraction.

Blumhouse Productions is a film production company known for releasing relatively lower-budget movies with big returns, including Get Out and the Paranormal Activity series. Its HHN house will take you on a living horror collection of some of its most popular films: Sinister, The Purge, and Happy Death Day.

What will be inside each of the three properties in The Horrors of Blumhouse? Here’s the rundown of each franchise’s story. Sinister (2012-2015) is about a fictional crime writer named Ellison Oswalt who moves into a house and discovers in its attic a series of films that ends up having dire consequences for his family. The Purge (2013-2018, with TV series) depicts an alternate universe where, on a select night of every year, Americans are free to “purge” for a 12-hour period in which all crimes are legal. Happy Death Day (2017) is a new film that explores a mystery: on every birthday, Tree Gelbman must relive the same day over and over to solve who her killer is.

Already announced was Insidious: Beyond the Further, another property in the Blumhouse library. The Insidious maze is its own separate experience, located in the Jurassic Park extended queue.

The Horrors of Blumhouse joins Titans of Terror, American Horror Story: Roanoke, the Jabbawockeez show, and Terror Tram experiences. Halloween Horror Nights runs for 29 select nights from September 15 to November 4.

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