‘Walking Dead’ permanent attraction announcement rumored for Universal Studios Hollywood

‘Walking Dead’ permanent attraction announcement rumored for Universal Studios Hollywood

‘Walking Dead’ permanent attraction announcement rumored for Universal Studios Hollywood


Universal Studios Hollywood may be announcing a permanent The Walking Dead attraction during a scheduled announcement at the end of the month, California Informer has learned.

John Murdy, creative director of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights and other park entertainment, took to Twitter today to announce his involvement in an upcoming WonderCon panel. Murdy and his peers Don Burgess (show producer) and Chris Williams (art director/production designer) will present a brand new attraction on Saturday, March 26th at 1 PM PST.

Last week we brought you the rumor that The Walking Dead may be on its way to Universal Studios Hollywood in the form of a year-round, permanent haunted house installation. With the forthcoming announcement of this new attraction, we feel fairly confident that The Walking Dead-themed experience will be the announced attraction. For those unfamiliar with the park’s ongoing construction, the alleged haunted house space is located behind the new Studio Store and Starbucks complex, adjacent to Universal Plaza. It’s currently unclear where guests will enter and exit the attraction, but conventional wisdom would place access near the entrance to Baker Street.

A permanent Walking Dead attraction would theoretically impact the attraction roster at Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights Event, which has annually hosted temporary Walking Dead mazes since 2012 (just like Orlando). The previous year-round haunt, House of Horrors, remained open for Halloween Horror Nights with light reskins and additional actors in various incarnations. One can surmise that this Walking Dead attraction would also remain open on event nights, bolstered by additional “Walkers” and other scare actors. This would mean a potential slot would open for another intellectual property (“IP”) and even increase the total number of “mazes” in the event’s lineup.

We will keep you updated on the new attraction announcement as we learn more. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on a permanent The Walking Dead experience?

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