The Walking Dead Attraction coming to Universal Studios Hollywood Summer 2016

The Walking Dead Attraction coming to Universal Studios Hollywood Summer 2016

The Walking Dead Attraction coming to Universal Studios Hollywood Summer 2016


The previously rumored The Walking Dead permanent, year-round attraction will open at Universal Studios Hollywood this summer, California Informer has learned.

Announced Sunday on The Talking Dead, the walk-through haunted house attraction is preceded by four seasonal installations at Halloween Horror Nights. Guests will “follow in the footsteps” of the television series’ main characters in what promises to be the most elaborate incarnation of Universal’s The Walking Dead efforts yet. Television executive producer Greg Nicotero collaborated with Universal creative director John Murdy and producer Don Burgess to develop the attraction. The walk-through will include a number of screen accurate settings, props, costumes and makeup applications and feature a combination of audio-animatronic Walkers and live actors.


John Murdy explained on Twitter that he has worked on this attraction, his first permanent park feature since 2004’s Revenge of the Mummy, over the last two years. He also clarified that the experience will be open during 2016’s Halloween Horror Nights, effectively confirming our first maze for this year’s event. One can surmise that this will allow another property to take one of the event’s other coveted maze slots.

The Walking Dead Attraction” takes residence in a newly constructed building in the approximate location of the former House of Horrors. The new facility is located directly behind the new Starbucks and expanded Universal Studios Store on the Upper Lot. An entrance/exit area has not been confirmed, but we suspect guests will access the attraction near Baker Street.


The released concept art offers several confirmations on franchise settings: the iconic “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” hospital doors will make an appearance, along with a downed helicopter. Prison interiors from Seasons Three and Four can be spotted in another image. The “Wolves Not Far” message indicates at least one setting from Season Four or Five. For better or worse, don’t expect to see lookalikes or animatronics of the show’s human “stars,” as the press release emphasizes the role of the Walkers and other general apocalyptic threats.

The Walking Dead Attraction” joins The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the park’s growing lineup of new additions for 2016. John Murdy will reveal additional details on the attraction on Saturday, March 26th at WonderCon. For more details on how to catch that panel, check out our prior article.


Below you can check out Universal’s official trailer and press release on the announcement. Stay tuned for more information on “The Walking Dead Attraction.”

Universal City, California, March 14, 2016 – Universal Studios Hollywood brings the most popular show in cable television history to life in Summer 2016 when AMC’s Golden Globe award-nominated television series, “The Walking Dead,” sets up permanent residency at The Entertainment Capital of L.A. in an all-new immersive, cutting-edge attraction.

Universal Studios Hollywood has worked collaboratively with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for years as a signature “Halloween Horror Nights” maze. This newly enhanced venture will take the highly sought-after experience from a seasonal, limited time offering to an authentic 365 day opportunity, raising the bar for themed walk-through attractions. For a look at what to expect when the attraction opens this summer, please click here.

To further elevate the authenticity of this new attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood is partnering with “The Walking Dead’s” creative team, including visionary executive producer and director, Greg Nicotero and his special effects company, KNB Efx. Greg’s team, responsible for masterfully creating the show’s realistic decaying walkers, will construct prosthetics, utilize original molds and painstakingly apply paint and detailing to the attraction walkers. The integral involvement of the creative team will not only inspire the emotional connection fans experience, it will be among the attraction’s key distinguishing characteristics that will define it as a living version of the show.

“The Walking Dead” attraction will create a no-holds-barred experience that significantly intensifies any other iteration previously developed within the theme park. Coupled with authentic walker make-up effects, sophisticated animatronic walkers, substantially more detailed set design and costuming, and highly recognizable props replicated from the series, the attraction will deliver an uncompromised realistic environment that brings guests even further into the most watched show in cable television history.

“’The Walking Dead’ is a phenomenon that has successfully and consistently affected the psyche of viewers on a global basis, since its debut,” said Larry Kurzweil, President of Universal Studios Hollywood. “We’re taking its intensity to the next level by collaborating with the show’s award-winning production team to create an authentic living representation of the series that can only be experienced at Universal Studios Hollywood.”

“We’re so grateful for our longstanding partnership with the talented team at Universal Studios Hollywood. We’ve shared a successful three-year partnership at Halloween Horror Nights and now this permanent ‘The Walking Dead’ walk- through attraction takes the relationship and the fan experience to the next level,” said Charlie Collier, President of AMC and SundanceTV. “Along with our great partners at Universal, it means a great deal to us to continue entertaining — and frightening — passionate, loyal fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ for years to come.”

The “The Walking Dead” attraction will be located within an entirely new, custom built structure, situated within an expansive building complex just inside the theme park’s main entry.

The past five years have been a remarkable time for Universal Studios Hollywood as the destination embarked on an unprecedented revitalization that has substantially altered over 75 percent of its familiar footprint to effectively characterize it as an entirely new theme park experience. The introduction of the all-new “The Walking Dead” attraction continues the theme park’s unparalleled investment in an ambitious epic transformation.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” depicts the story of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of terrifying flesh-eating walkers. It is the #1 show on television among adults 18-49 for the last four years and in its sixth season, the most highly-rated show in cable television history.

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