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Arriving by Car & Parking Guide

Are you arriving by car? Lucky for you, parking at Universal Hollywood is fairly straight-forward, if a tad expensive.

Plug Universal’s formal address into your GPS:

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Universal Hollywood on Google Maps

Your GPS will lead you straight to the parking garages.


Universal offers three tiers of traditional parking options:

General Parking – $25 ($10 after 6 PM)
Preferred Parking – $40 ($20 after 6 PM)
Front Gate – $60 ($30 after 6 PM)

Valet Parking is also offered for $25 for less than 2 hours and $45 for more than 2 hours.

Note that while you are able to purchase parking in advance online, there is no discount or real advantage to doing so.

Arriving by Car and Getting to the Park

After paying for parking, you’ll be given a receipt and directed by attendants to one of five garages in Universal’s lineup. Your garage assignment will depend on the tier of parking you purchased and the time you arrive at the park. This goes without saying, but you’ll get a better parking spot if you show up early. Garages typically open an hour before the park’s scheduled opening time.

E.T. – General Parking, furthest from the park and the newest garage. 20 minute walk to the park
Curious George – General Parking, far from the park. Typically filled up first. 15 minute walk to the park
Jurassic Park – Preferred Parking, closer to the park. 10 minute walk to the park
Woody Woodpecker – Preferred Parking, even closer to the park. 8 minute walk to the park
Frankenstein – Front Gate Parking, adjacent to the park entrance. 5 minute walk to the park

Once you park, take note of your garage character, floor level, and letter. (For example, Curious George 1R.) This will help you locate your car at the end of the day. The Universal Studios Hollywood mobile app features a “Parking Reminder” tab, which is the easiest way to remember where you parked.

After gathering your things and locking your car, follow the suspended “To Universal” signs and marked yellow walkways. If possible, take the stairs and ignore the elevator bays: they tend to get jammed in the morning and cost precious minutes. You can enter Citywalk on Levels 1 or 2, but you’ll save time by going to Level 1. Follow those signs and you’ll soon reach Citywalk.

Universal CityWalk Map:

As you can see, you’ll want to bear left upon entering CityWalk if you’re emerging from any garage besides Frankenstein. Continue ahead through CityWalk until you reach the Universal Studios Globe and front gates. Congratulations, you made it!

On your way back to your car, keep an eye out for posted signs directing you to your garage.

A Quick Note on Safety & Garage Assistance

“Call for assistance” boxes are located throughout every Universal parking garage, denoted by a distinctive blue light. If you ever feel unsafe or need assistance, use the box to call for help and someone will be dispatched to your location.