CI Center

Cocina Mexicana


Across from Animal Actors and the entrance to Springfield U.S.A.


Outdoor quick service restaurant serving Mexican cuisine.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for some Mexican Cuisine, Cocina Mexicana is the restaurant for you. Its lineup is small but functional and lacks indoor guest facilities; you’ll be sitting in covered tables around Universal Plaza.

Cocina Mexicana – menu

Beef Taco Salad – $12.99
Make it with Impossible Meat +$1.00

Wet Chicken Burrito – $12.99

Beef Tacos – $12.99
Make it with Impossible Meat +$1.00

Chicken Tingas Tacos – $12.99

Frozen Margaritas (Mango, Classic Lime, or Cherry) – $13.99

Fountain Drinks – $4.19 (regular), $4.39 (large)

Bottled Water – $3.59

Premium Water – $4.59

Souvenir Pilsner Beers – $8.99-$14.99

Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup – 1 for $15.99, 2 for $13.99 each

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