CI Center

Earthquake: The Big One

Part of the Universal Studio Tour (see full page here).

The Bottom Line
A San Francisco subway station is dramatically destroyed in this elaborate special effects demonstration. Expect fire, water & electricity as you experience “The Big One!”

Famous For
Based on the groundbreaking 1974 disaster film of the same name.

Intensity Factor
Appropriate for all but the smallest children. Loud noises and violent shaking. Pyro, water, and electrical effects. A runaway subway car and collapsing ceiling can be particularly frightening but never feels too threatening.

Best Views
If you want to see the runaway subway car, sit in Car One on the left side. Cars Two and Three’s left sides offer the best views of the collapsing ceiling and gas tanker. To best see the flash food sit on the right side of any car.

Earthquake: The Big One – Photo Gallery