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Kong: 360 3D

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The Bottom Line
Return to Skull Island and witness an epic 3D battle between vicious dinosaurs and the king of the jungle: Kong. Based on the 2005 Peter Jackson remake, Kong: 360 3D clocks in as one of the world’s largest 3D installations, with lifelike movement simulation and multi-sensory effects. You will get wet!

Famous For
Kong 360 includes a brand new ride film produced by Weta Digital, the Academy Award-winning effects studio behind Avatar, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and of course, King Kong (2005). Universal collaborated with film director Peter Jackson to develop the new experience. KONG 360 replaced the original King Kong Encounter, an animatronics-based experience that burned down in a 2008 studio fire.

Intensity Factor
Fairly intense, appropriate for tweens and up. Violent shaking, moments of darkness, loud noises, water effects, simulated motion. Riders are menaced by 3D dinosaurs as well as Kong himself. A 3D illusion gives the appearance the final car on the tram is torn away, but the (fictional) riders are saved by Kong. The experience lasts just over two minutes, so frightened children can remove their 3D glasses and close their eyes if necessary.

Best Views
The ride film was created with both sides of the tram tour in mind. King Kong spends roughly equal time on either side of the tram. Dinosaurs are plentiful on either side. If you’re interested in seeing the torn-away tram illusion, sit to the left. For the best overall experience, sit in one of the center seats of the tram; you won’t be able to see the edges of the enormous screen, heightening the illusion.

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