CI Center

Krusty Burger

To the right on Springfield U.S.A., sharing a building with Cletus’ Chicken Shack.

Indoor counter service restaurant serving specialty burgers.

The Bottom Line
Universal Studios Hollywood’s premiere burger joint. Krusty Burger offers a number of unhealthy-but-delicious burgers in an infamous television setting. Head upstairs to find indoor seating, including the special-little used “Krusty’s VIP Room.”

Krusty Burger – menu

Krusty Burger – $12.99 (6oz burger with secret sauce, American cheese. lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles; served with fries)

Clogger Burger – $15.99 (double Krusty Burger with applewood smoked bacon; served with fries)

Vegan Burger – $13.99 (vegan patty with avocado, lettuce and tomato; served with fries)

Mother Nature Burger – $13.99 (veggie patty with guacamole, lettuce, and tomato; served with fries)

The Ribwich – $14.99 (pork sandwich with BBQ sauce, coleslaw, tomatoes, pickles, and red onions; served with fries)

Sideshow Bob Footlong – $13.49 (foot-long Nathan’s Famous All-Beef hot dog with chili, cheese and onions; served with fries)

Chicken Caesar Salad – $12.99 (freshly tossed Caesar salad with chopped chicken and Parmesan cheese)

Soda – $4.19 regular, $4.39 large

Milk/Juice – $3.59

Bottled Water – $3.59

Premium Bottled Water – $4.59

Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup – 1 for $15.99, 2 for $13.99 each

Buzz Cola – $3.99

Duff Beer/Duff Lite – $11.99 16oz, $13.99 20oz, $14.59 24oz, souvenir pilsner +2.00

Angel City/Angry Orchard/Blue Moon – $9.99 16oz, $12.99 20oz, $13.59 24oz, souvenir pilsner +$2.00

Fruit Cup – $5.99

Oreo Brownie – $4.99

Apple Crumb Pie – $4.99

Milkshake – $6.19 (vanilla, chocolate, or swirl)

Squishee – $5.49 (blue raspberry or wild cherry)

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Krusty Burger
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