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Old Mexico: Flash Flood

Part of the Universal Studio Tour (see full page here).

The Bottom Line
Survive a raging rainstorm and flash flood in the heart of Old Mexico, one of the lot’s most venerable sets. You may get wet!

Old Mexico Flash Flood

Famous For
The Old Mexico buildings are constantly redressed to suit various ethnic locations. It can be seen in Pirates of the Caribbean as Tortuga and Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Peru, among others. I has also appeared in television shows Heroes and E.R.

Intensity Factor
Appropriate for all but the smallest children. Though the water appears intense, it’s presented with a tongue firmly planted in cheek. An Al Roker weather segment plays on the tram monitors, augmenting the sequence’s levity.

Best Views
The entire special effects demonstration occurs on the left side of the tram.

Flash Flood – photo gallery