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Ollivander’s Wand Shop

On the left side of Hogsmeade’s main street, facing Hogwarts Castle between the restrooms and Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment. Look for the wide alley with a suspended wait time sign.

Universal Express access is not offered. The VIP Experience will include priority access.

Rider Restrictions
All guests may enjoy the Ollivander’s Wand Shop experience. However, strollers must be parked in the “Pram Parking” area near Hogwarts Castle.

The Bottom Line
Witness a wand choose a wizard in this interactive wand experience. Ollivander’s includes several special effects as a Wand Keeper helps a lucky guest (or pair of guests) find the perfect magic match. Afterwards, browse Ollivander’s vast array of interactive wands and non-interactive “character” wands (i.e. replicas of famous wands of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and so on).

Ollivander's Wand Shop

Intensity Factor
The wand shop is fairly small and dim, so it may incite claustrophobia in particularly sensitive guests. There are some loud, sudden noises. Otherwise, the experience should pose no problems to any guest.

Crowd Patterns & Wait Times
Ollivander’s has two show rooms, doubling the capacity of the Orlando Hogsmeade wand shop. The entrance is somewhat hidden and not clearly marked, often reducing wait times to very manageable levels. We recommend monitoring the wait time (visible at the alley entrance) and joining the line when it’s posted at 25 minutes or less. During slower periods, waits rarely exceed 30 minutes. In moderate periods, expect 30-50 minute waits. On the busiest days, expect to wait 60-75 minutes.

Queue Entertainment
The Ollivander’s queue is entirely outdoors and has no queue entertainment. Prepare to wait in direct sunlight for the majority of your wait. Also keep in mind that the queue will only move in short bursts every few minutes.

Length of Experience
Upon entering the building, you’ll wait a minute or two before being guided into the wand keeper’s chambers. Once there, the experience lasts approximately four to five minutes.

What to Know Before You Go
We must stress that a maximum of two individuals will be selected to have a wand “choose them.” If there are children in your party, inform them that there’s a significant chance they won’t be chosen. Wand Keepers gravitate toward excited children around the age of 11, the year Hogwarts acceptance letters are sent out. Keep in mind that Wand Keepers will not typically select obviously shy children. If no young candidates are available, Wand Keepers will choose a particularly eager adult. Sometimes, Wand Keepers will select a couple for a special “dual” performance.

If you aren’t a major fan of the Wizarding World, the wand experience may not be worth your time. Note you can access the Ollivander’s Wand Shop without waiting for the performance by passing through Wisacre’s Wizarding Equipment. Wands are also sold in a cart across from Hogwarts Castle.

Finally, be aware that you must still purchase a wand at full price ($49.95 before tax) if you are selected by a wand keeper.

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