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Shopping and Merchandise Guide

There’s plenty of shopping and merchandise of all varieties to be found at Universal Studios Hollywood. Whether you’re interested in cartoon toys, studio apparel or film collectibles, Universal Studios has shops for you. Below we’ve compiled a list of the stores located throughout the theme park and the types of merchandise they carry.

Shopping and Merchandise in the Upper Lot

Animation Studio Store

Location: Upper Lot across from Starbucks
This shop carries Hello Kitty, Dreamworks, and other animated characters themed merchandise. Animation Studio Store is also home to the Hello Kitty meet-and-greet character.

Feature Presentation

Location: Park entrance plaza
This specialty shop carries products based on the park’s latest attractions. Currently carries merchandise from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Location: Next to The Simpsons Ride
Made famous on the television show, Abu’s Kwik-E-Mart hosts all things The Simpsons. Find branded apparel, plush, toys, media, comics, cups and more. You’ll also find energy drink versions of “DUFF” Beer and “Flaming Moe’s” (both non-alcoholic).

Production Central

Location: Next to Animal Actors and Springfield U.S.A.
Specialty film buffs ought to love Production Central, which carries items catered to cinema classics old and new. You’ll find branded merchandise for Fast & Furious and King Kong alongside items based on Jaws, Back to the Future, E.T., and Alfred Hitchcock. The store also carries a healthy collection of replica movie posters and generic “Hollywood” themed merchandise.

Super Silly Stuff

Location: Super Silly Fun Land, the exit of Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem
Everyone riding Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem will enter Super Silly Stuff, the premiere merchandise location for the Minions. Expect hundreds of items based on Gru and the Minions’ merchandise, including toys, plush, apparell, towels, cups, pins and more.

Universal Studio Store

Location: Park entrance plaza
Head to the Studio Store for one-stop shopping at the beginning or end of your day. This mammoth store holds a little bit of everything, carrying items from every major Universal brand and merchandise from around the park. This is also the place to go to buy Universal Studios Hollywood-branded items or generic “Los Angeles,” “Hollywood” or “Show Business” merchandise. The Studio Store also hosts package pickup.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Location: Across from Production Central and adjacent to Springfield.
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is home to nine different stores, offering candy to house pride gear. You can check our merchandise guide for Wizarding World here.

Shopping and Merchandise in the Lower Lot

Studio Store

Location: Next to Jurassic Park: The Ride
A satellite store to Universal Studio Store selling Universal Studios and Hollywood themed outfits and souvenirs.

Jurassic Outfitters

Location: The exit of Jurassic Park: The Ride
All guests who experience Jurassic Park: The Ride pass through this store, which sells on-ride photos as well as Jurassic Park-franchise items. Expect to find dinosaur plush, apparel, toys, DVDs, gemstones, cups, towels, and more. Generic dinosaur merchandise is mixed in with Jurassic Park-specific items. The success of Jurassic World infused this shop with a healthy dosage of new merchandise themed to the new film. There are also specialty dinosaur and fossil-themed collectibles on display.

Transformers Supply Vault

Location: Across from Transformers: The Ride 3D
An excellent stop for any fan, the Transformers Supply Vault packs an impressive amount of franchise merchandise into a small space. Expect to find Autobot and Decepticon-themed toys, apparel, cups, towels, DVDs, pins, collectibles, and more. Transformers collectibles, including some featuring the ride’s new character, EVAC, are on display and available for purchase.