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Single Day Ticket Guide

Because Universal Studios Hollywood, with proper planning, can be comfortably experienced in a single day, the park only sells two categories of tickets: a single day ticket and season/annual passes. This page will cover single day, no frills tickets.

Here’s the most important tip we can provide on ticketing for Universal Studios Hollywood: Buy your tickets online, in advance.

Let me repeat that for those of you in the back:

Buy your tickets online, in advance.

You’ll save as much as $30 off the price purchased at the front gate.

Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket Kiosk

For single-day admissions without add-ons, you have two options:

  •  1-day “general admission” ticket online good for the specific day purchased – prices range from $109 to $129
  • 1-day “ANYTIME” ticket – flat $139
  • 1-day at the gate – flat $139

Universal Hollywood also offers a 2-day “general admission” ticket – prices range from $149 to $169

  • You can select any date of your first visit, but your second visit must be within 7 days of your first visit.

Universal Hollywood also offers online for California Residents additional discounted “general admission” ticket – prices range from $99 to $129

  • California residents can also save additional on one day Universal Express tickets, which range from $159 to $249.

So what’s the difference? In terms of what you get at the park, nothing. Once you’re inside the gate, your experience is the same. The nuance is part of a recent Universal change to allow for flexible, “demand” pricing. Basically, this means you pay less for less crowded days and vice versa. For more information, check out our extensive blog post on “demand pricing.”

So which ticket should I get?

If you know what day you’re going to the park, buy the general admission ticket good for that day. You can save up to $30 off your admission price. On days with high projected attendance, the price may still be $139, but there’s really no advantage to buying an “ANYTIME” ticket unless you don’t know when you’re going.

So why buy an “ANYTIME” ticket?

An “ANYTIME” ticket might be a good choice in theory for people who aren’t sure when they’ll be going to the park. However, when we say you’ll save by purchasing tickets “in advance,” we mean any time before the day of your visit. Seriously: you can purchase your tickets the night before you’d like to go, and you still have a chance of saving money. So, we can’t recommend the “ANYTIME” ticket for even the most noncommittal groups.

The only instance in which an “ANYTIME” ticket really makes sense is when it’s given as a gift. “ANYTIME” tickets, being a one-time pass, can be used by any person on any day, so they’re a nice, flexible present to any Universal fan (or anyone eager to check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at some point).

Once you know when you plan to visit, don’t delay your purchase.

Universal reserves the right to shift (read: increase) the price of their tickets as potentially crowded days draw nearer. To have the best chance of saving the most amount of money, we recommend purchasing your tickets online as soon as you’ve confirmed the day of your visit.

A Word About Counterfeit Tickets

Please remember to only purchase tickets from trusted sources: The Official Universal Hollywood Ticketing Website, major area hotels, and verified travel agents. Tickets purchased from Craigslist, Facebook or similar online sources often turn out to be counterfeit, and Universal cannot and will not compensate you. As a rule of thumb: if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

All set and ready to go? Go ahead and purchase your tickets at Universal Hollywood’s Official Ticketing Website.