CI Center

The Simpsons Ride

The Upper Lot, Springfield USA, between the StarWay to the Lower Lot and the Studio Tour entrance

Universal Express and standby lanes offered.

Rider Restrictions
Must be 40 inches tall to ride. Guests 40-48 inches tall must ride with a Supervising Companion (anyone 14 years or older). Guests 48 inches or taller may ride alone.

The Bottom Line
A gut-busting, hilarious motion simulator crash course through Krustyland, a parody of theme parks everywhere. Join The Simpsons family as they evade the maniacal Sideshow Bob’s murderous rampage.

Intensity Factor
Appropriate for tweens and up. Loud noises. Intense motion simulation that often induces motion sickness. Excessive cartoon violence and crude, adult-skewing humor in line with the show’s content.

Crowd Patterns & Wait Times
The Simpsons Ride is located in a high profile junction point between the Studio Tour and escalators to the Lower Lot. Couple this with a high profile entrance, and The Simpsons Ride often sees higher-than-average waits from midmorning on. It’s best to experience The Simpsons Ride early in the day or near the end of your stay when guests have moved on to other attractions. Expect a 15-30 minute wait on slow days, 30-60 minute waits on moderate days, and 60-80 minute waits on busy days.

Queue Entertainment
In addition to two preshows, clips of Simpsons animation plays throughout the outdoor shaded queue.

Length of Experience
The ride itself lasts approximately 4.5 minutes, excluding loading time. The two mandatory preshows last around 10-15 minutes, depending on how efficiently operators are loading the theaters. To be safe, expect the full experience to last 25 minutes once you enter the actual building for the first preshow.

What to Know Before You Go
The Simpsons is a massive cultural phenomenon, spanning over twenty seasons of television, a feature film, and numerous spinoffs in nearly all media categories. The ride does a good job laying out the central conflict and personalities of the key, relevant Simpsons characters, so it’s possible to fully understand and enjoy the experience with only a passing knowledge. If you’re curious about the ride’s tone or content when evaluating its appropriateness for your child, consider watching an episode or two of the show, or the film – the ride’s humor is very in line with the rest of The Simpsons‘ content.

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