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Triwizard Spirit Rally

On the Wizarding World outdoor stage at the far end of Hogsmeade.

As a street entertainment performance, Frog Choir does not require any special access.

The Bottom Line
Based on the Harry Potter novel and film The Goblet of Fire, visiting students from neighboring Wizarding World schools perform for Hogsmeade spectators. The ladies of Beauxbaton and gentlemen of Durmstrang perform dances and stage acrobatics, respectively.

Intensity Factor
The performance is in no way intimidating and appropriate for guests of all ages.

Crowd Patterns & Wait Times
The Triwizard Spirit Rally performs several times throughout the day and usually attracts a healthy audience. There is almost never a scenario in which you can’t view the performance. The stage is rather small, so if you’d really like a close look, hang out near the performance area before a show begins. Keep in mind the performance area is standing room only, though guests nearest the stage often sit down on the ground.

Length of Experience
The performance lasts just under six minutes.

What to Know Before You Go
Universal does currently publish showtimes for the Triwizard Spirit Rally. Ask a stage attendant when the groups are scheduled to perform, or access, under the performances tab. Additionally, the Triwizard Spirit Rally will pose for photos following the performance. If you’d prefer not to wait long for a photo, stand near the right of the stage to be among the first in line. Finally, note that knowledge of the Wizarding World is not necessary to enjoy the performance, but fans of the Goblet of Fire novel/film will enjoy seeing the Beauxbatons and Durmstrangs brought to life.

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