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Universal Studio Tour

The Upper Lot, to the right of The Simpsons Ride

Universal Express and standby lanes offered.

Tours in Spanish and Mandarin available daily; check the board by the escalators for the studio tour for tour times.

Important note: The Studio Tour closes earlier than the rest of the park. The last tour typically departs an hour and forty-five minutes prior to the park closing time. Ask a team member for details. Also on days when the wait time is over one hour, typically studio tour ambassadors (employees) will pull groups of two out of line and have them wait right next to the tram to fill in any open seats left.

Rider Restrictions
No formal restrictions, though parental discretion is advised.

The Bottom Line
The crown jewel and foundation of Universal Studios Hollywood, the world-famous Studio Tour allows you to visit the venerable backlot, front lot, and numerous other experiences, including Fast & Furious: Supercharged, Kong 360, and more!

For more details on what you’ll see on the tour, check out the following tour stop pages:

Intensity Factor
Appropriate for tweens and up. Many loud noises, with intense pyro effects and moments in complete darkness. 3D creatures, car crashes, and gunfire. Expect to be menaced by a physical shark, dinosaurs, and a knife-wielding maniac. Moderately intense motion simulation. Despite lack of height requirement, parental discretion is strongly advised, as many portions of the tour are intense and cannot be skipped.

Crowd Patterns & Wait Times
As the literal and figurative cornerstone of the park, the Studio Tour is massively popular all day. Luckily, a large fleet of trams services hundreds of guests very quickly, generally keeping lines manageable. That said, we recommend experiencing the Studio Tour by midmorning or amongst one of the final tours of the day. On a slow day, anticipate waiting 15-30 minutes. On a moderate day, anticipate 30-60 minutes. On a busy day, anticipate waiting 60 minutes or more.

Spanish and Mandarin tours fill up quickly, so make sure to show up to your desired tour time well in advance (at least 20 minutes before the posted time) to guarantee a seat.

Queue Entertainment
Portions of the queue are shaded and offer televisions looping Universal film clips and vintage Universal Studios Hollywood footage.

Length of Experience
The Studio Tour is unique in that its duration is variable, dependent on delays on the tram route as well as what areas of the backlot are available for touring on any given day. Generally, the tour lasts approximately 50 minutes, but can be as short as 40 minutes (if several spots are closed) or as long as an hour (if there are multiple delays). To be safe, we recommend carving out a full hour once you actually board a tram.

What to Know Before You Go
There are no restroom breaks on the tour, so make sure you take care of business before getting in line. The ride covers numerous Universal film and television properties, including Jaws, King Kong, Back to the Future, Psycho, Fast & Furious, and more. However, on-ride monitors depict each relevant film as you experience the tour, so you’ll never be lost as to each set’s significance.

The trams sit six seats across. The left and ride sides of the tour offer very different experiences in what you’ll be able to see up close (and photograph, if you’re interested). We’ve created a separate page outlining the pros and cons of sitting on either side of the tram, viewable here.

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