CI Center

Upper Lot

The Upper Lot hosts the grand majority of Universal Studios Hollywood as well the park’s entrance and exit into Citywalk. It is subdivided into several loose subareas:

  • Universal Plaza
  • French Street & Parisian Courtyard
  • Baker Street
  • Minion Way/Super Silly Fun Land
  • Springfield U.S.A.
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Within these subareas you’ll find various attractions, restaurants, stores, and character experiences.

To reach the Lower Lot, you’ll need to take the StarWay escalators. Head to The Simpsons Ride in Springfield U.S.A. and bear left.

The following attractions are located in the Upper Lot:

It also includes the following restaurants:

Also check out our shopping and character pages for more on what you’ll find on the Upper Lot.

Upper Lot – photo gallery