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Where to Sit on the Studio Tour

The Studio Tour is Universal Studios Hollywood’s most unique, defining offering, having served as the anchor for the studio for over 50 years. With nearly a dozen stops and clocking in between 45 minutes to a full hour in length, it’s also one of the longest rides in any theme park. Given that you’ll likely only have time to experience the tour once on your visit, you may be asking where to sit on the studio tour. Indeed, you’ll want to carefully consider where you sit: each side of the tram offers completely different views.

Each Studio Tour tram has four (4) cars, seating eight (8) rows of six (6) for a total of 48 per car and 192 per tram. In most cases, you’ll get to choose where you sit. Note that the park requires young children to sit toward the center of the tram.

Below is a breakdown of what you’ll be in the best position to see based on where you sit.

Studio Tour Seating Arrangement





Left Side of Tram

Those sitting on the left side of the tram will get superior views of:

Right Side of Tram

Those sitting on the right side of the tram will get super views of:

Center of the Tram

Sitting in the center of the tram offers the most realistic, ideal views for:

We hope this helped you decide on where to sit on the studio tour. As you can see, each position on the tram has advantages and disadvantages, but do keep in mind that every seat is a good one. Evaluate what you’d like to see most and consult your children; if they’re afraid of sharks, maybe place them on the left side of the tram to avoid proximity to the shark. For more details on the best views, check out each individual Studio Tour attraction page.